Moving, Cate Blanchett-Narrated Documentary ‘Stuart X’ Premieres Online Today

A new documentary directed by Thibault Upton, titled Stuart X, has been launched online today to coincide with International Day with People with Disability.

The doco, narrated by the one and only Cate Blanchett, centres around a 60 year old man named Stuart Iredale, who was born with a condition called Fragile X Syndrome. The film goes through the years of mistreatment, misunderstanding, abuse, loss, neglect and lack of diagnosis Stuart endured, and how he is not defined by his disability.

Blanchett gave a statement as to why she decided to join the project.

“I’m attracted to projects that illuminate aspects of the human experience that might otherwise remain hidden in darkness,” she said.

“I’m proud to have been involved in Stuart X, which not only shines a light on Stuart’s deeply moving story, but on the thousands of Australians living with Fragile X.”

The documentary has already racked up a ton of awards, picking up nods from film festivals all across the country.

Watch the beautiful film below.

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