Want To Ride Like Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman? Now’s Your Chance, Yo!

Breaking Bad fever is coming back at an all-time high. Don’t worry – this won’t be filled with drug or addiction-related puns, but you can’t blame me for throwing in a few shots here and there. I mean, hey, the show itself is crack. Now the ultimate opportunity has now come up for the ultimate BB junkie – you can now purchase the crapped out car driven by none other than the great Jesse Pinkman, bitch.

Pinkman, the character who broke bad before helping Walter White do the very same, rolled around New Mexico in his bomb of a faded red 1984 Toyota Tercel, as seen below. The exact same car is now up for sale at Mike Faris Auto Wholesale, according toThe AV Club, and comes with stylish 4-wheel drive, that weird singular windscreen wiper and, of course, eternal bragging rights, bitch.

As the story goes, any other model of that car would go for around $500 these days but this particular one is sure to fetch a lot more. Several bids have already been made on this incredibly important artifact of pop culture, which is most likely to have a tape deck and no air con, but will definitely give you permission to wear real baggy hoodies, drop your pants as low as you like and say, “Yeah, bitch,” and “A-yo, Mr. White!” as much as you like, and no-one can say otherwise. Know why? ‘Cause you have Jesse Pinkman’s ride, bitch.

Here’s the catch – as part of a deal with Sony, the car can’t be sold until this season wraps up so you have a few months to get your affairs in order and place a bid, bitch.

Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Mustang Walt Jnr gets to drive. Or some of that sweet, sweet cheese hidden beneath their house. Where’s that at?


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