‘Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Tweets Jesse Pinkman Club Track ‘Dance Bitch’

Breaking Bad may officially be done and dusted, but that doesn’t mean our favourite Jesse Pinkman is going anywhere. The loveable badass with a heart of gold has taken to Twitter, posing as alter ego actor Aaron Paul, to share his maiden musical offering, a tasty dancefloor killer featuring Tom Neville & Zen Freeman called Dance Bitch.

Much like the meth industry will never be the same after Heisenberg’s 92% baby blue, the music industry is sure to never be the same again now that Pinkman has dabbled in writing and recording. The first bump of Pinkman’s musical offering (actually credited to Tom Neville & Zen Freeman featuring Aaron Paul) will most likely have even the sternest of electro house critics foaming at the mouth with dinner plate-sized pupils as they explore a state of total euphoria, while actually just rolling around on the floor of some crack den.

Pinkman hasn’t exactly had the best run for the past few years, so here’s hoping that his fledling musical career gets him out of the ABQ and into a more positive environment.

After 5 jaw-dropping seasons, Breaking Bad wound up yesterday, leaving thousands upon thousands of people without anything to do in their spare time. Australia seems to be doing it tougher than any other country, resorting to their own illegal activities and downloading the ep through BitTorrent more times than anyone other country, according to the file sharing news site Torrent Freak.

The swansong of the episode, Baby Blue by Badfinger, has also experienced some spill-over attention with the track skyrocketing up the iTunes charts within minutes of the episode airing.

Anyway, I’m going to go watch the episode back to work. Enjoy, bitch.

Tom Neville & Zen Freeman featuring Aaron Paul – Dance Bitch

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