Watch: Inspired ‘Game Of Thrones’ Remix ‘The Queen, Joffrey And The Hound’

Game Of Thrones Season 3 has now finally arrived so it’s time to get totally wrapped up in the wonder and curiosities transpiring throughout the 7 kingdoms (4 of which are in open rebellion) and although chances are the hectic giant helping the wildlings blew your mind a bit last night, this remix is set to blow it more.

Mashing the best of Arya’s list of enemies, Tyrion Lannister reciting the Lannister family motto and Daenerys Targaryen pretty much just lookin’ real good as she always does, the track is surprisingly catchy, albeit somewhat inscrutable – but hey, Game Of Thrones, woo.

It’s impressive what can be done with a bit of skills on ol’ Ableton Live and bits and pieces from a multimillion-dollar HBO series, which I assume were ascertained legally. Who would upload something they didn’t own to the Internet, for pity’s sake?

What will the good citizens of Westeros come up with next?

Watch: ‘The Queen, Joffrey And The Hound (Game of Thrones Remix)’

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