Watch: The Dictator In Australia ‘Gillard Should Have A Sex Change And Become A Woman.’

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest character Admiral General Aladeen, from the Republic of Wadiya landed in Australia yesterday and it hasn’t taken him long to cause some controversy. He appeared on Nine’s Today Show couch this morning, giving various leadership tips and making quick jokes at the presenters expense. It’s better not to spoil the jokes, so we’ll let you just watch the whole thing unfold live on morning television (watch below).

The movie will hit Australian cinemas on May 16th, and you can check out the trailer as well (below). If you liked Borat, then we’re sure you’ll love this movie. General Aladeen heads to Amercia under the impression he is to address the United Nations. However, when his beard is cut off by an American government agent, he is left wandering the streets of New York unrecognisable and with no money.

Watch: The Dictator On The Today Show

Watch: The Dictator Trailer

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