Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Do His Best Aussie Umpire Impression With Nick Kyrgios In New Uber Eats Ad

New Aussie local Sacha Baron Cohen has been enlisted for a new Australian Open Uber Eats ad alongside tennis hero, Nick Kyrgios.

“Harking from Dandenong East, comes an umpire of questionable intentions,” breathes a dramatic voiceover. “Not bound by rules, regulations, or codes. He’s an anomaly in the sporting fraternity and the Australian Open will never be the same.”

Sacha Baron Cohen plays a tennis umpire in the ad. Scrolling through, presumably, Uber Eats on his phone in the umpire chair, he mumbles, “Ooooh. That looks like a beauty. Delicious.”

“Do you even know the rules, mate?” a miffed Nick Kyrgios asks.

“Umm. I’m the umpire. I am the rules, moite,” Baron Cohen declares before telling Kyrgios, “I think you’re a bit hangry, mate. Want some dumplings?”

“There’s a new umpire in town moite,” writes Uber Eats, teasing the new ad on Instagram.

“Watch the [Australian Open] to see what chaos he creates to keep the score at love.”

Watch the new Uber Eats ad with Sacha Baron Cohen and Nick Kyrgios down below.

Apparently there’s a whole series to of ads to come, similar to Sharon Strzelecki’s ads with Kim Kardashian last year.

The Australian Open kicks off today in Melbourne. In case you missed it, there’s a few live music sets to bless the event.

They’ve rounded up G Flip, Julia Stone, The Living End, and Something For Kate to perform small, acoustic sets on the event’s courts.

It’s in lieu of the usual AO Live Stage that would typically see massive performances over the two week event. Find the deets here.

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