‘Worst Twerk Fail EVER’ Revealed To Be A Set-Up

After circulating across Facebook News Feeds for a week or so now, it’s been revealed that what was declared the Worst Twerk Fail EVER was, in fact, a set up. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel used his program as a platform to inform the world that, whilst human beings might be stupid, no-one is THAT stupid.

As Kimmel explains in the below behind-the-scenes cut of the video, the clip was filmed some two months ago and uploaded to YouTube without any network intervention or press coverage whatsoever. In less than one week, the video had garnered more than 9 million views. From here, the plot thickens. The damsel in distress we were all laughing at is, in fact, a stuntwoman sworn to secrecy. Now whose laughing, Internet?

Much like when someone caught on fire doing the Harlem Shake, most of us thought this was the long overdue end to the twerking epidemic but, alas, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet.

Internet conspiracy theorists: 1

Society: 0

Watch: Worst Twerk Fail EVER Debunked by Jimmy Kimmel

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