10 Tour Hacks With Thy Art Is Murder

One of Australia’s biggest names in heavy metal right now, Thy Art Is Murder are just about to wrap up their co-tour with mates Parkway Drive before diving right into their own tour kicking off next week, because sleep is for the GOD DAMN WEAK.

To fill us in on exactly how they do it we got Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder to put together his 10 tour hacks, for those less experienced.

1. Learn how to travel light. I just toured for 18 weeks on three pairs of underpants, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts and two t-shirts.

2. Do your laundry in a sink. I’m sick of people bitching at me that they need to go to a laundry mat. If you only bring a small amount of clothes you can just put them in the bath tub in the hotel over night and then put it on the AC unit or whatever and dry it out. Be resourceful and do that.

3. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated – it’s very important.

Watch: Thy Art Is Murder – Light Bearer

4. Take lots of vitamin supplements or eat healthily. Don’t eat like shit and you won’t need to take too many vitamins. Otherwise just take vitamins.

5. Stretch a lot. You’re going to be grinding out a lot of hours in confined spaces in a vehicle or on a plane or on stage. Stretch a lot. Stretching is one part of fitness that is often over looked.

6. Try and maintain a normal working schedule. If you party to 6am or 7am every day you will wake up later and later and get trapped and it’s very bad for your body. You’re not going to last and you’re going to get sick and be annoying.

Watch: Thy Art Is Murder – Holy Way

7. Keep toilet paper on you if you’re doing a van tour because you never know if you need to shit on the side of the road and you’re going to want to have toilet paper.

8. Bring an activity because you’re going to get really, really bored. I like working so when I have my laptop I am able to work, which keeps me entertained. But some people get really bored and become a nuisance. So bring a personal activity that’s just for you that you can reach to at times for stimulation.

9. Label your personal items and effects like iphone chargers for instance. They are so free game on tour, Everyone gets their cable or charger wall unit stolen, always. So label it some particular way so that when it does get stolen you can steal it back and then punch the guys in the face. Super, super important.

10. It seems really important to do it right after you play, but tidy down your equipment and wipe it off with some kind of towel or whatever because it will get fucked by sweat. That stuff corrodes metal like nobody’s business, so a little five minutes after your show every day will make your gear last longer and your band have to spend less money on maintaining or replacing it.

Gallery: Thy Art Is Murder – Big Day Out 2013, Sydney / Pics Olivia Hadisaputra


With special guests: Aversions Crown, Feed Her To The Sharks & Colossvs

Wednesday, 14th October

Amplifier, Perth (18+)

Tix: Amplifier

Thursday, 15th October

Fowlers Live, Adelaide (Lic/AA)

Tix: Moshtix

Friday, 16th October

Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)

Tix: Corner Hotel

Saturday, 17th October

The Factory, Sydney (Lic/AA)

Tix: Factory

Sunday, 18th October

Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane (18+)

Tix: Wooly Mammoth

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