The Chats On Iggy Pop, “Fucking Up” & Where To Find The Best Pub Food In The World

Since exploding out of obscurity with viral video sensation ‘Smoko’ in 2017, Sunny Coast pub-punkers, The Chats, have been busy making quite a ruckus. Having been hand-chosen as an opener by the god of punk himself, Iggy Pop, and earned the unabashed fandom of icons like Dave Grohl and Josh Homme (and bizarrely, Miguel), the band have spent the last two years tearing up festival stages worldwide, running wild at the likes of Reading and Leeds, while smashing out club dates dishing up one tasty ‘Pub Feed’ after another.

Fresh from starting their own freaking record label, the superbly named Bargain Bin records, The Chats just unleashed ‘The Clap’ the lead single from their upcoming full-length, High Risk Behaviour to usual fervour. With fans frothing more than a freshly cracked XXXX tinny for the record to drop, The Chats had a jolly chinwag to Music Feeds.

Music Feeds: For anyone who has somehow spaced the last few years of existence and somehow doesn’t know who or what The Chats are, how would you describe yourselves?

The Chats: 3 mates from the Sunny Coast who have an affinity for pies and beer.

MF: The Chats have had one hell of a ride over the last few years, since ‘Smoko’ blew up, going from viral video sensation to bonafide oz punk juggernauts. Has it been as wild as it seems from the outside?

TC: “Juggernauts” is also a word we would use, it’s been very wild. Pricey quit his job washing cars to be a full-time wildman.

MF: When ‘Smoko’ dropped, I  think it’s fair to say some people (idiots mostly) expected you to be a one-hit-wonder, but the success of tracks like ‘Pub Feed’, ‘Identity Theft’ and ‘The Clap’ prove The Chats have some staying serious power. Does it feel good to prove the doubters wrong?

TC: Yeah probably but we don’t really care anyway.

MF: Every song The Chats have churned out so far is an absolute banger, what’s your secret? It’s beer, isn’t it? If so, what kind of beer?

TC: It’s always beer, we love a good no-fuss beer, not fruity, not hoppy, as long as it’s cold and you can drink a thousand of them we are generally happy.

MF: In all seriousness though, you guys have some serious songwriting chops, with a debut record on the horizon, do you feel like you’re getting better with every song?

TC: Nope, we just stay the same, which is excellent to begin with.

MF: Can fans expect anything different from your full-length when it arrives?

TC: Once it goes number one worldwide and we have an endless budget you can expect our live shows to incorporate fireworks, cages of death, Motorcross ramps, personal trainers, celebrity chefs, yoga and a Metallica style Some Kind of Monster documentary.

MF: The sound of The Chats has a real throwback feel to it, a classic punk rock/pub rock spirit that seems to have really connected with not just young punks, but their dads and grandads too. What inspired your sound?

TC: We all have varied tastes, from The Ramones, The Clash, Cosmic Psychos to the likes of Cold Chisel and AC/DC.

MF: You’ve infamously collected some pretty notable fans in the past two years, with rock gods Iggy Pop, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme among those known to love them some Chats. Does that blow your mind a bit?

TC: Yeah, who would have thought, those blokes would want to hang out with us?

MF: Did any of them tell you what it was that drew you them to your music?

TC: Apparently it all started with Pat Smear. Pat sent to Dave, Dave sent to Josh who just happened to be sitting with Iggy Pop, they all agreed it was the greatest thing they ever heard, can’t blame them really, they are only human….

MF: Dave I understand told you to “not fuck it up”,  which seems like solid, if rather useless advice! Did he happen to elaborate on how not to “fuck up” and have you been “fuckin up”?

TC: We are good at fucking up, he didn’t offer any advice on how not to hence why will still fuck up.

MF: You had the opportunity to play with both Iggy and QOTSA,  what were those experiences like?

TC: Iggy was surreal, it was a massive weekend for us, we hadn’t slept, it was his birthday and he asked us what a “dart” was. QOTSA showed us how to drink tequila

MF: It’s not just rock gods that are into the Chats either, Miguel of all people blew up your social media feed with a bit of a cover on Insta, that must have been a bizarre day?

TC: Who’s Miguel?

MF: You’re currently bashing out a run of shows in Europe, have you picked up any new habits or maybe some travel advice that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

TC: Always have a well-executed plan in place for shitting, being on a bus, this is literally the most important thing on a tour.

MF: Before I let you get back to the road, I’ve got to ask you a few terribly unimportant questions. First up, if I’m looking to start my own ‘shed rock’ band, how important is the actual shed? Does it need to be made out of anything in particular?

TC: Preferably tin, in a very hot environment so you sweat out your hangover.

MF: Second, where do you feel has the best “pub feed”…in the world? 

TC: Coolum Bowls Club

The Chats’ debut full length ‘High Risk Behaviour’ is out March 27th.

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