A Red Letter Day Presents: Kang

Your artist/band name is…?


How did you get together as a band?

And for how long have you been playing together for?

We met watching each other play. Sven and Andy from old melancholy rock outfit BLEAK DECEMBER used to go check out punk band A.F.R (containing Luke and Stead) and vice versa. We soon became mates and formed out own group when the other bands when their separate ways. And it’s almost 2 years on.

Your music is…?

‘Cliché riddled pop punk’ or so our first ever review would have you believe. We used the quote as a title of one of our new tracks.

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why?

We grew up listening to Greenday, blink 182, Jebediah and heaps of others. I guess we just wanted to hear people singing along with our words and opinions on life and stuff. Like we used to sing along to those guys back in the day

What’s your wildest ambition for your music?

Our wildest ambition is to see our music do some good. We’ve already done some charity gigs. But each person that sings or listens to our stuff and it makes them feel connected, that’s what it’s about. (Of course a stadium full of people all singing along would be a rad buzz too!)

Why should we come and see you?

There’s nowhere else you can ‘HANG OUT WITH UR KANG OUT!’

How do you find the local live scene?

There’s so much potential out there. so many venues and so many great bands. id encourage more venues to open their doors to original music, and more bands and FANS to get out there and hassle venues to do it too

What’s your greatest rock’n’roll moment?

Probably our recent gig at the Gaelic theatre. We ended the show with our crowd pleasing hard rock cover of ‘Hotel California’ and there were shirts flying off, and stage divers and madness. it was awesome

For more info see: http://www.myspace.com/kangrock

Next available at: (upcoming dates and venues in and around Sydney only) Thursday 23rd Oct – harp hotel Tempe, Saturday 13th December FINALE GIG for ’08 at Padstow RSL. ALL AGES!!!

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