Andrew Duffield – The End is the Beginning is the End of Club Blink

Twelve years of club running is a decade and a bit of a lot of work. Andrew Duffield knows all about hard work. From newbie on the club circuit to running Australia’s most successful Indie club night Duffield has been there and done all that. Music Feeds spoke to Andrew Duffield ahead of the last Club Blink night this coming Friday…

Music Feeds: How’s it feel knowing this is it for Club Blink?

Andrew Duffield: I am personally ready to move on. I was over in Thailand and it hit me, let’s end Blink on the 12 Year Anniversary. I am very much into numerology (12 hours in a day, 12 months in a year – end of a cycle) and I figure this way we get to go out on a bang and put on an event that will attract everyone, giving people a chance to say goodbye once and for all to a club that has connected hundreds of thousands of people over the past 12 years.

MF: What have been some of your favourite memories?

AD: Probably at EP1 (aka The Tunnel from Underbelly). this was were Blink started. I was new to the nightclub world at this stage, and was caught up in the glamour of it all, sex, drugs, rock n roll. Blink provided a place where people into alternative music (music played by people in bands: indie, rock, punk, some industrial, metal) can come and party and feel at home. The first band to come was INCUBUS, that was massive and since then we have hosted shit loads of after parties weekly.

MF: What’s your greatest achievement during the last 12 years?

AD: Getting EP1 (my first venue). I was a kid with a dream, I had never run a club before but managed to negotiate a venue of this standard in the heart of the cross. This set off a chain of events for me personally that has shaped my whole life.

MF: Any regrets?

AD: I don’t believe in regrets, I believe in gaining experience and growing. What you focus on expands, and I have personal goals to never dwell, sure learn from your mistakes, but am committed to putting my focus on what I want to achieve.

MF: Favourite act that has played?

AD: I would have to say THE ART. this band is awesome, and I am good friends with the band. That’s one of the beautiful things about running nightclubs, you get to support bands and unite club and band cultures (we showcase live bands and DJs over multiple rooms weekly at all our events).

MF: What does the future hold now for you?

AD: Taking Blinks place and launching on Friday 25 March at the ST James Hotel, 114 Castlereagh ST, City (same venue as Blink anniversary this Friday 18 March), is KILLER Fridays, and on Saturdays at the same venue I run SFX. We also have venues in Melbourne and Brisbane and our main goal with Tarantula Music is to put on professional events that connect thousands of people on a weekly bases.

MF: If you were to make a twelve song mixtape in remembrance of Blink, who’d make the list?

AD: Blink started as an indie club, and over the years got more and more alternative.

1. Killing in the name: Rage Against The Machine

2. Chop Suey: System of a Down

3. Breathe: Prodigy

4. Shut Me Up: Mindless Self Indulgence

5. Jump Around: House of Pain

6. Song 2: Blur

7. Beautiful People: Marilyn Manson

8. Closer: NIN

9. Last Resort: Papa Roach

10. Faith: Limp Bizkit

11. One Step Closer: Linkin Park

12: Wait and Bleed: Slipknot

Come along to the last Club Blink this Friday. OH and did we mention that you could win free entry and free drinks?

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