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You can’t change who you are, but you can change who you’ll be. For 24-year old emcee Kerser, these words are set in stone. Born and raised in Campbelltown in the South West of famous Sydney, the city sights he witnessed while growing up weren’t exactly postcard perfect – just try taking some snaps round the streets of C-town after the sun sets and see what scenes develop.

But in dark places people shine. Blazing up from the underground thanks to a potent mix of talent, determination and the guts to try something new, Kerser is the name on everyone’s lips for 2012. He’s the rapper you hear coming from that car next to you at the lights, he’s the sound spilling out of that kid’s mobile on the train, he’s the guy in ‘that’ battle watched over half a million times in two weeks. He’s controversial, cocky and careless. He’s your girlfriend’s favourite. He’s the sickest.

Teaming up with one of the country’s most exciting and original producers, Nebs, the pair have unleashed The Nebulizer, an album that has shifted the tectonic plates underpinning Australian hip hop, opening up uncharted territories with a fresh, new sound never seen nor heard in this country before.

Rave, rap, electro, funk and r’n’b are ganged together – raw, snarling and unstrained, Kerser’s music is free to roam wherever the fuck it wants through his own razor sharp account of a life with drink, drugs, parties, violence, abuse, dreams and achievements – sometimes brutal, sometimes desolate, but always honest and always told with heart.

As today’s kids continue to turn their back on sickly sweet, mainstream bullshit – the force of the underground backlash builds and builds. At its helm is Kerser, backed by a growing army of supporters, embracing this sound as their own and ready to back him all the way.

Hate him if you want. Put down who he is, where he’s from or what he stands for. But know that this name will not disappear, this sound will not go away and that no matter what you do or what you say, whether you like it or not – Kerser is the sickest

Kerser will be doing a run of Australian tour dates over February and March

With selected special guest appearances from:

That’s Them, Anecdote, Brundles & Alex Jay, Hyjack, Fortay, Tycotic, Dunn D, Prem Bedlam, Lariken, Dwizofoz, Noonie & C-Reks, 6.0 Krew, Fowl Mouth,Kaye One, New Breed, Lopez, Skae, Nhostic, Jay Dee, Gravity Ponds.

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