Ash Lune Takes Us Behind the Scenes Of Her ‘Sugarcoat’ Music Video

Ash Lune makes sensualist pop music inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, Two Door Cinema Club and Avril Lavigne. Lune’s latest single, ‘Sugarcoat’, was written with Pale Waves and Amy Shark collaborator Sam de Jong. According to Lune, ‘Sugarcoat’ “shows a side of me that not many people know exists.”

Ash Lim directed the music video for ‘Sugarcoat’, alongside DOP Muhib Faris and stylist Romy Safiyah. Ash Lune takes us behind the scenes of the video shoot with this exclusive photo gallery.

Behind the scenes with Ash Lune

Ash Lune

I usually hate being touched. Especially being touched on my face or hair. Joel’s always done such a good job with my hair and makeup that I don’t even mind anymore.

Ash Lune

I kept saying that something about this red room was very Stranger Things and everyone on set started talking about the show. Volume 2 of the show came out the day after filming so I had something to look forward to.

Ash Lune

Blue’s my favourite colour. I’m always happy in a blue room, even though you can’t see it on my face [laughs].

Ash Lune

Funny story: I thought that everything on the table was a prop so I sipped the drink next to me. I thought it was gonna be apple juice. It was definitely a lot stronger than just apple juice.

Ash Lune

A very focused and serious Ash on set. I’m not taking about myself of course.

Ash Lune

That’s me begging people to text me so It’s not super fake when I have to act like I’m texting during the scene.

Ash Lune

That’s me just being happy, lightly clapping. I probably even whispered “Yay” here.

Ash Lune

I was thinking about Thai food and Tequila here. It was the last shot and I was so happy with the whole team. We all got drinks after. Fun night!

Ash Lune – ‘Sugarcoat’

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