Asta Takes Us Track-By-Track Through Her Shimmering Debut EP ‘Shine’

Aussie pop ingenue Asta has found her sound on debut EP Shine. “Having been discovered in high school by triple j, I had to do some living before I had enough to say for a debut EP,” she explains. “I think I’ve scrubbed enough dishes, eaten enough tofu and broken a few hearts now to deserve a party.”

And a party it is. The 5 track EP is a shimmering mix of confident, funk-infused pop from the former triple j Unearthed High winner produced in collaboration with Melbourne-based Yeo. Today Asta is allowing us a glimpse into her process and inspiration, taking us through the EP, track by track.

Give the record a spin and have a read (and a dance) below.

Asta – Shine EP

Doin’ What You Want

‘Doin’ What You Want’ is a track I wrote about never giving up. It’s about acceptance also and being the person you were born to be, never being afraid of your identity and sexuality because they are what make us who we are. To those who are pushing through uni or working a 9-5 job or just feel like giving up some days, this one’s for you. I was inspired to write this song around issues of self-worth. It’s really my motto in life, to do what you want to do! Screw judgment and fear, just keep doing what you’re doing, the universe has got your back.

Saturday Night

I wrote this track about the city nightlife. People drinking and going out on the weekend but I always had to work so I could never have much fun. I would always get asked out on the weekend but had to stay back late and polish glasses at my cafe job.


‘Shine’ is a song that I felt had to come out into the world. I love the funk elements and hooky bass lines. ‘Sometimes we fall, but we get up’.

Not Your Girl

I wrote the lyrics to this late one night as I couldn’t sleep. I guess it’s a song about not feeling like you belong to anyone. My favourite part is when the pre-chorus hits. Turn the bass up!

Art Of Escape

This one was so much fun to write. It’s got those festival sun-setting vibes. Whenever I hear this song I just imagine myself standing on a mountain and just feeling free!

Asta’s ‘Shine’ EP is out now and her national tour has already kicked off. Catch dates and details here. 

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