Circa Waves Made You A Playlist Of Their Favourite Alan Moulder-Produced Tracks

Circe Waves are plugging in and turning it up to 11 on their new record Different Creatures. They’re energised, they’re pissed off, they’re loud.

To help hone this newfound energy, the band went straight to the expert – producer Alan Moulder, who’s helped honed the sounds of Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and The Killers, to name but a few.

Although perhaps unexpected it was to be a perfect match, explain the band: “He heard us on the radio, and said to his engineer: ‘Didn’t this band want to work with me? Why the fuck am I not doing their second record?’”

In honour of this newfound partnership and in the lead up to the release of Different Creatures this Friday, March 10th, Circa Waves have curated a retrospective playlists of some of their favourite Alan Moulder-produced songs. We’re talking the good stuff – Smashing Pumpkins, Foals, Saul Williams and so much more.

“The patient hero Alan Moulder took the helm with me for our new record,” Circa Waves’ Kieren Shudall tells Music Feeds. “His ability to make artists comfortable and reach inside their mind to drag out thier ideas is no doubt why so many artists go back to him. He hears how something should sound a long time before it’s complete. Which means he hears the future. Which technically makes him a time traveller. Alan Moulder is a time traveller. Here is a playlist of some of his finest work.”

‘Different Creatures’ is out this Friday, 10th March.

Circa Waves’ Best of Alan Moulder Playlist

The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘1979’

A Perfect Circle – ‘The Hollow’

Foo Fighters – ‘Rope’

The Killers – ‘When You Were Young’

My Bloody Valentine – ‘When You Sleep’

Foals – ‘What Went Down’

The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Chrub Rock’

Circa Waves – ‘Fire That Burns’

The Killers – ‘Read My Mind’

Foals – ‘Inhaler’

Saul Williams – ‘List Of Demands’

The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Soma’

Swervedriver – ‘Ejector Seat Reservation’

Foals – ‘Inhaler’

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