Blessed Are The Obsessed: Enter Shikari – Enough Said.

You’ll all agree that great music these days is hard to come by. To the point where we now have to settle, or just lower our standards, but that never ends well. Enter Shikari have made a career out of greatness, scoring a worthy army of fans all over the world who have grown to know and love the bands characters, as well as being spoiled with regular releases that are all, well…great! They’ve made a habit of keeping us guessing yet never disappointing and lets face it, they make dubstep rad. I’ll take this opportunity to queue the interview as i have now become a groveling fan boy, its hard though, to introduce these guys with out that happening….Ok i’ll stop.

Bass player Chris Batten took some time off from their crazy US tour schedule to answer some questions.

Ladies and gentlemen, Enter Shikari.

Blessed Are The Obsessed: What’s your name and what’s you’re role in the band?

Chris Batten: Chris – Bass, Vocals.

BATO: You’ve been busy touring the USA lately – seems like a gnarly schedule! How’s it been so far?

CB: Yeah! well, it’s a huge country… takes a long time to get around the whole place! It’s been fantastic really. It can be a slog sometimes with the journeys but it’s totally worth it. The last two tours we’ve done (Warped Tour, and the Dead Throne tour with The Devil Wears Prada. have been great fun. So many great people, we get the chance to play in front of a lot of people, that’s all we could ever hope for.

BATO: What ‘don’t you get’ about the world today?

CB: I don’t get how so many people can still disagree that we are all one people. how many people still believe we are divided by class, culture, race, nationality or religion.

BATO: I have a lot of English friends and American friends, we argue over everything but all agree that Enter Shikari is ultimate, how can you explain that?

CB: Haha Well surely you should tell us? Well i guess we’d like to believe that you all share an open mind, and all have a great taste in music!

BATO: The new album is set to drop early 2012, would you like to give us a bit of a run down?

CB: Sure, Well it was recorded, for the most part, in a beautiful studio in thailand. We finished the final touches in london. Musically it is extremely diverse. We have some of the heaviest, most experimental songs we’ve ever written. Combined with some of the most melodic and “beautiful” soundscapes and melodies. Lyrically, the album touches on many subjects… climate change, war, friendship, technology, monetary systems, society… to name but a few. All things we feel very strongly about.

Watch: Enter Shikari – Sssnakepit

BATO: You guys have been to Australia a few times now, what do you think of our fair land?

CB: We love it! We’ve always had the best time when we’ve visited. It’s one of the countries we look forward to touring the most. You guys have such a laid back culture, and have plenty of fun. We can’t wait to come back to Soundwave early next year. We’ll have a new album just released and it’s gonna be a very exciting time for us.

BATO: What’s your craziest fan story so far?

CB: Well we have some of the most loyal fans in the world. They have been so good to us. One time, at a gig, a fan climbed up the PA, which was protected by a metal mesh/cage. As he jumped off, into the crowd, he left the tip of his little finger trapped in the metal. clean rip.

BATO: What final words would you like to say to all your Australian fans?

CB: Just thank you so much for all the support so far. we love being down under, and can’t wait to come and play for you all in feb. We hope you enjoy the new album, we’re real proud of it.

A Flash Flood Of Colour, out Jan 16, 2012

Catch the lads at Soundwave 2012 line up!

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