Prog Blog: The Protomen (USA) announce first ever Australian tour

US operatic rockers The Protomen have announced their first visit to Australia, playing festival dates at PAX in Melbourne and Featherfest in Sydney, as well as sideshows in both cities. Well known to geeks and epic prog rock fans alike, the group have earned a dedicated following worldwide for their bombastic and theatrical approach to […]


Prog Blog: OM Announce Australian Tour For May

US outfit OM are bringing their unique blend of spiritually resonant and essential drone to Australia for a national tour this May. The band formed in 2003 from the rhythm section of the disbanded stoner doom metal band, Sleep, with a line-up comprised of Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and Chris Hakius on drums. […]


Prog Blog: Interview With Jeremy Galindo Of This Will Destroy You

Texas group This Will Destroy Youhave amassed a sizable underground following for their instrumental compositions, spanning ambient, melodic odes, to crushing ‘doomgaze’ atmospherics. Ahead of their first ever Australian visit in a few weeks, I got the word from guitarist Jeremy Galindo on a few choice questions covering their sound, touring and the musician’s life. […]


Strum A Note in Melbourne: St Kilda Festival Day 9

Fingers and toes and wishes on stars this wasn’t the last one! With its future still under a dark cloud, this year’s end to the St Kilda Festival was bloody marvellous. What started decades ago as a weekend arts festival nurturing the growing bohemian culture, it has evolved into a Melbourne institution; a hub for […]


Prog Blog: Interview With Mark Trueack (Unitopia)

Adelaide’s Unitopia have long been touted as one of Australia’s biggest progressive rock exports – everywhere except Australia that is. It’s indicative of their position in the world prog rock scene that they are able to release a prog tribute album and have it so well received, selling multiple pressings overseas and finally seeing Unitopia […]

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