For Fans Of: PVRIS | Introducing: Perth’s Alex Andra

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Check out today’s ‘For Fans Of’ feature artist below.

Feature Artist: Alex Andra

For Fans Of:  Paramore, New Years Day, Tonight Alive, PVRIS, Evanescence, Yours Truly

Hometown: Perth

Genre:  Pop-punk / Emo

The 411:

Alex Andra is the new solo pop-punk outing from Perth artist Paige Savill, best known for her work in new-wave synth-pop band I Call Val who have two WAM Award nominations under their belt.

Savill has just unleashed her sophomore single as pop-punk/emo alter ego Alex Andra, a tune about the toxic relationship between social media and its users called ‘Inflection’, which comes packing a gloriously macabre music video (watch above).

“Whilst offering its riches, it is also a vessel used to exploit, dehumanize, bully and capitalise on our very human desire to be loved by the wider public,” Alex Andra explains of the song.

“For me personally, growing up wanting to be like the stars on television, social media seemed to provide a platform to build my own stardom. It’s been a venture of determining self-worth & self-love, and doing my best to remain my true self whilst also somehow monetising my body, image and voice.

“I am complicit in this relationship as my art only exists within its constraints. With a large, ever changing engine like social media, will we, the people, ever gain control over the wheel?”

Live Dates:

Pending the end of the pandemic.

Our Review:

Those dark dance grooves and big angsty chorus warm our little emo hearts. An instantly memorable tune packing a lusciously gothic music video.

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