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Written by Michael Carr on July 24, 2009

“Fuck Italy man, they lost our bags in Rome and we went without undies for 4 days,” Ghoul singer/guitarist Ivan Vižintin tells me over skype, the rough treatment of his genitals showing in his voice and face.

I suggest he douse them in olive oil for some relief and he’s not impressed.

With Ivan and his brother, Ghoul bassist Pav, in Italy, guitarist Anthony down the snow and drummer Hanno in Melbourne it might seem as though the band are ‘taking some time apart’, or ‘getting to know themselves.” Ivan however assures me this is not at all true.

“We love each other to bits, in a completely homosexual way. They’re my best mates and we always have a good laugh and piss off each others parents by playing really loudly.”

While they may not be undertaking some sort of musical trial separation, you could forgive them for needing some time off from self-producing their forthcoming debut album, a process the band are approaching with frustrating perfectionism.

“The album is maybe 60% done,” he tells me voice lagging here and there. “Sounding massive, more refined, more developed… just better. We’re really proud of it so far. Hopefully it will turn some heads. Heaps and heaps of drumming… and percussion… and rhythm.”

Since their EP Mouthful of Gold, Ghoul shows have been evolving into a more ferocious beast. The band is eager and hungry for blood.

“We’re trying to take bigger risks. Our live show has improved tenfold and hopefully that will improve further. Trying to incorporate new instruments and ideas into our sound constantly. Our influences have shifted a bit – we’re just growing up. Slowly.”

And it’s a good thing too as the band are set to perform with i like cats and Danimals as part of Exquisite Corpse’s 1st Birthday celebrations, a night where the band misspent a lot of its youth.

“Our fist EC gig was with i like cats,” Ivan types. “They played this intense set. Jaie (i like cats) and Pav made this intense bass stack and the whole place was shaking. Afterwards this DJ in a mask kept playing breakcore while some weird rape performance art was happening in the cube. Oh, we broke our floor-tom and I scared some girl to death by glaring at her for 3 songs.”

Taking place on July 30th at The Oxford Art Factory the free event promises to once again a deliver a night of musical excess and complete sensory indulgence. Well in step with this line of thinking, Ivan drops a few little hints as to what dollops of sonic silliness the Ghoul guys are bringing to the party.

“Anthony will not be bringing any doms this time round so please supply your own,” he tells me with a laugh. “There’s supposed to be some massive jam at the end, I will be playing lead melodica and haircut stylings.”

Be sure to get down and have your locks chopped by Ivan mid-psych-jam.

Ghoul play Exquisite Corpse’s 1st Birthday on July 30th.

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