Here’s What Your Favourite Musos Will Look Like When They’re Ancient

You know what they say: if it’s too loud, you’re too old.

But what about the loudest people in music?

Will they, too, one day be heard banging on the roof with an old broom handle screeching at the kids above to “turn down that racket!” and typing long, cantankerous emails to their local supermarket complaining about being disturbed by the noise from the overhead PA while shopping for their adult diapers and bulk packets of doilies?


Look, it could happen. Age devours us all.

And to try and achieve a more scientific insight into what some of our favourite musicians might look like when they’re as old as our nans, the fine people at Loudwire used the app Oldify to digitally turn some top international musos into wrinkly old prunes. Funnily enough, Keith Richards – hilariously – showed no signs of change when adjusted to age 100, or even 152.

Inspired by that (and not at all because we like to spend ages fucking around on hilarious mobile apps during work hours) we’ve also turned the app on some of Australia’s finest talent, to interesting results.

Check out the projected pics of a bunch of Oldified musos in the gallery above.

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