Husky North America/European Tour Diary 2012

Melbourne’s Husky have found themselves where all their peers wish they were, currently on the other side of the world playing music. As the band gigs their way through the USA, en route to Europe, Music Feeds has been fortunate enough to witness the whole thing from the passenger seat, well sorta.

After becoming the first Australian band ever to be signed to Seattle iconic record label Sub-Pop, Husky became the talk of the town, not only here, but also abroad. As the band continues their adventure through the States, they have been shooting through photographic evidence of all the tour antics that should probably stay on tour.

After they reach the other side of the USA, Husky will be flying off to Germany, where they will be pleasing German crowds for the first time ever. Once again, the band will be keeping you posted via Music Feeds of all the shenanigans they get themselves into while in Europe.

Following their international voyage, the band will be returning home for a series of shows in support of their new single Tidal Wave. This will include a stop off at the very exciting Gentlemen of the Road tour with Mumford & Sons.

The Crystal Ballroom in Portland: possibly the best venue of all time? Rumour has it that Jimi Hendrix was kicked out of Little Richards band one night after a show here.

Dubliners. Famous O’Neill’s for a Guiness and Irish Stew. We didn’t hang around long enough to see the real Irish stewin’ that comes later…

Muir Wood, CA. The trees are as deep and old as the silence that has preceded them for so long.

A newspaper i found in San Fran. I just love this scenario. So natural, so bare, so cold..?

Still Irish stew.

Phoenix AZ. The arid, dry terrain which I find so enchanting and inspiring. Perhaps a horse and a bottle of whiskey, that’s all I want.

A rusted ride, frozen in time, at Spreepark, an abandoned amusent park in East Berlin.


Can now officially say we’ve shared a stage with Leonard Cohen, at Joes Pub, NY. Kinda.

Evan and Luke talk business in the foyer of our hotel in Seattle. Luke says, ‘sell sell sell!’ Evan is not so sure…

Husky with a rusted ride, frozen in time, at Spreepark, an abandoned amusent park in East Berlin.

Recording for American radio. Don’t slap it, Evan!

Sound check at Central Park Summerstage. That’s the biggest we’ve ever seen our name written.

Tempelhofer Field – a defunct airport in Berlin, now used for hanging out, riding, skating and vegetable gardens.

The Ferris Wheel at Spreepark, an old abandoned, overgrown amusement park in East Berlin. The wheel still rotates slowly in the breeze.

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