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Ill Vernak #2

Written by Sarm Uno on October 1, 2008

Whats crackin’ my now super-schooled ill vernak-lian spouting penadlars?

Welcome to the third addition of this here piece of literary genius. Now to get shit straight, it’s 8am, I’m at work, and my boss is out. I’m only on my second cup of coffee and I’ve had stuff all sleep due to my newly acquired baby girl. Now, my peakin’ peers have told me I must drink a minimum of five coffees while I write this so if this gets a wittle cwazy by the end, you know why!

Now lets get to it. (Third coffee being started NOW.) God I love work coffee machines! No friggin’ Nescafé here bitchesss.

Due to my new baby girl, I really haven’t stepped out of the house to a show up in a bar, the Look Up In The Sky mixtape launch, and can I tell ya thats them murdered that shit!  Scott Burns got so live, the po po came for a visit, and Bingethinkers did what Bingethinkers do, got the place PEAKIN. Sydney, if you slept you missed it, but do yaself a favour and go pick up a copy of the FREE MIXTAPE from ya boys Buck and Ology at Soul Clap records (don’t go in before 2pm, they’re shit at opening on time).
There are a few international gigs coming up which are definitely worth checking too, Blackalicious are playing the Oxford Art Factory on the 7th October with Spit Syndicate and Horrowshow supporting, and Wildchild and the X-ecutioners  are rocking the Manning Bar on the 11th of the same month. Get in quick on both of those as tickets will sell super fast.

Yo, I be right back, got to get my next coffee brewing. Now you’re probably thinking damn this guy writes slow. NO bemp bowwwww, I drink coffee quick, bammm. Before I go to get it can I just say there is an awful lot of redlines under these paragraphs? Hope some one can fix that for me. (*done*)

Okay I’m back, a slight problem has arisen, the gym-junkie freak who works here as well has just drunk all the milk in his protein ‘tastes like shit’ supplement drink…. wanker! Ahh well, just going to have to drink these suckers black!
Coffee #4

On the music front of things, Brisbane collective, The Coalition Crew are about to drop their new album Known Unkowns. From the few tracks I’ve caught it sounds as though Known Unknowns will be jam-packed with the goodness. Sydneysider 2 L.O.C.O has dropped his second album  Talez from da Westline with, as you guessed it, more tales from the westline! Peep that!  Andd Melbourne’s Fluent Form has just released his debut Chapters of Substance which I am looking forward to copping if his label mates are anything to go by… which brings me to a release that I still cant get out of my cd player, Raven’s Humble Beginnings. If you haven’t copped it, do yourself a favour.

In actual fact, people there is a bunch more that has been released but to be honest I’m freakin’ FLYING right now and have had enough of writing this, think I might go jump off a building or something.

Damn didn’t even get to five!

Livin’ the caffeine dream,

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