Jeremy Loops 5 Favourite Pieces Of Australian Pop Culture

South African folk artist Jeremy Loops kicked off 2016 with the release of his album Trading Change, which our reviewer called “irresistibly upbeat and cheerful”. To celebrate the success of the suberp, genre-colliding LP, we caught up with Jeremy to find out about his favourite things about his mates across the (very, very big) ditch.

The Castle

The Castle is the greatest thing Australia has given the world. I mean, sure, Australia has some great athletes, great wildlife, and many other notable accolades, but The Castle is honestly your nation’s greatest achievement. It’s in my top 3 favourite films ever. “Dad’s a genius”, “Tell him he’s dreaming”, and “How’s the serenity”!

get stuffed gif

Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd’s music meant a great deal to me when I was away working on a yacht at sea. It kept me focused on creating my own sound and believing that doing my own thing was viable, especially when music stars looked more and more homogenous.


This may seem dark and unrelated at first, but for many years I’ve had this hypothetical question I sometimes ask friends and strangers: in a fight to the death, would you rather face an emu using your bare hands, or a baboon using a sword? Most people usually pick facing the emu with their bare hands, which gives me a reason to rattle off a list of things that make emus totally badass – and the decision to face the ape perhaps the better option.

Like “their necks are so durable, it’s crazy! And they have talons! These are death machines you should fear!” I would argue that Emus might even be more awesome than ostriches, and I’m South African, so that’s saying something!


The Cat Empire

Their philosophy and approach to music – prioritising live first and putting on a killer show – resonates deeply with me. I work my face off on my recorded music and my albums, but the true test, in my opinion, of a musician’s skill and ability, is performing that music to a crowd. The Cat Empire, in this regard, slay!

Hamish and Andy

Has Australia knighted them yet? They’re hilarious. I once had an Australian cabin mate when I was working out at sea whose sense of humour was identical to theirs, so whenever I get a chance to catch them, I always think of him.

hamis and andy gifd

Trading Change is out now, and you can grab it here.

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