Lacey – New Talent from the West

Tom from Perth band Lacey sat down and spoke to MusicFeeds just ahead of their first East Coast tour.

Music Feeds: What’s new for Lacey?

Tom: We have just released our new single Set along with a new video clip for it. We’re also heading over east for the first time as a band this month which is very exciting for us.

MF: You’re about to hit the East coast for the first time, do you have anything special planned for these 3 shows?

Tom: We’ve been working on a bit of a different set for the tour with a new live element to it. We had the opportunity to test it out recently and it was received well, so hopefully we’re on to something!

MF: Logistically it’s always been difficult for bands in the West to head over to play and many have moved across for it. It seems the scene in Perth is growing, is it almost to the point where you can succeed being based in the West?

Tom: It’s definitely a lot easier now than it was 5-10 years ago to gain exposure in the eastern states without having to move over there. The likes of social media, blogging, unearthed etc have really helped young bands all over the country get their music out to the masses. That coupled with the decreasing cost of domestic flights definitely is taking it to a point where Western Australians bands can succeed without having to make the big move that so many have in the past.

MF: The WA scene is one of the best scenes going around the country, whats the community like over there?

Tom: The community over in Perth is great. Bands really seem to help each other out wherever they can. It’s 100% about the music and the only way you’re not going to fit in is by having a massive ego or bagging other bands out. Another great thing about the Perth music scene is that it’s becoming less and less genre specific. Bands from different genres are starting to join up and play shows together and really show support for each other which is awesome to see and be a part of.

MF: The band have had rave reviews and airplay across radio and TV and online, does it feel surreal to have such positive exposure?

Tom: It’s all very surreal to us and we’re very appreciative of it, but at the same time we don’t let it get to our heads as we know we still have a long long way to go.

MF: What is the new single Set about?

Tom: Set was inspired by a horrible night out at shitty club. We’ve all had terrible nights out, so it seemed fitting to write about them.

MF: Tell us about the songwriting process in the band?

Tom: Tom or Connor will more often than not bring some ideas to the band room. Sometimes it’s a full song, but usually it’s a part or two. As a band we then work together to write the body of it. It’s a process we all get involved in and is the one that has worked the best for us over the years.

MF: Who or what inspired you to want to form a band?

Tom: When Brand New’s The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me came out, it really inspired us all. It got Tom and I talking about how we hadn’t done much with music since high school and we decided to jam with Josh and Connor. One thing led to another, and what started out as a friendly jam suddenly turned in to something a little more serious.

MF: If you could open up for anyone, who would it be?

Harry – The Cure

Tom – Bloc Party

Connor – Massive Attack

Josh – The Whitest Boy Alive

MF: Whats next on the cards for Lacey?

Tom: When we return from Sydney, we’ll be looking at writing and recording an album.

MF: What would be the first song you’d put onto a mixtape?

Tom: Distractions

If you’d like to see Lacey in action, check out the dates below

Wednesday March 16, The Gaelic Theatre

Friday March 18, The World Bar, Kingscross

Saturday March 19, CBD Hotel, Newcastle

Curious about Lacey’s music? Then have a look at their Myspace.

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