Mallrat Nominates Her Five Favourite Kickarse Teen Creatives

17-year old Brisbane local Mallrat should definitely be on your musical radar if she isn’t already. This teen prodigy was uploading tracks to her triple j unearthed profile while she was still in year 12, with the music itself betraying her relative lack of experience.

She has found herself working closely with a dude called Tigerilla, Allday’s keyboard player – who has already produced multiple tracks of hers. Just under a year ago the two dropped Sunglasses; which spawned Mallrat’s debut music video, edited and directed by Mallrat and good friend Tash Bredhauder.

A few weeks ago Mallrat debuted the first track from her forthcoming debut EP,a high energy tune called Inside Voices. The EP itself is due out this Friday – and given how brightly Mallrat star is rising; it’s set to be an absolute doozy of a record.

With plenty of experience making her own breakthrough into the music industry as a 16-year old, we asked Mallrat to nominate her five favourite kickarse teen creatives.

1. Tash Bredhauder

Tash is a friend of mine, she’s 16 and has the coolest style and imagination. I can see her directing new cult classic films in a few years time. My favourite thing about her is that she can make things seem so normal that they become beautiful. I asked her to direct the Sunglasses music video and I love it so much. Ever since she deleted Instagram she’s been off the grid, so you’re going to have to take my word on this one. (UPDATE: Sheeeee’s baaaaaaack.)

2. Sean Pyke

Sean is a Brisbane based photographer. I found him through Instagram but by coincidence he works up one escalator from my food court job. He’s one of my favourite photographers ever, his film work is so effortlessly cool and has a strong nineties feel to it which I love.


3. E^ST

I was an E^ST fan as soon as I heard The Alley on the radio, took me ages to find her though because of the pointy little ‘^’. A few weeks ago we made a song together called Get Money, and I’m happy to say we’re good mates now. She’s only 18 and one of the most incredible live performers I’ve seen. She’s touring with Japanese Wallpaper soon, so if you’ve got a chance to catch her then, I cannot recommend her highly enough. (ED: Music Feeds literally just premiered the video for this track, check it out here!)


4. Oh Boy

If you like PC Music you should check out Oh Boy. The Sydney based producer recently released Baby Pink EP and it’s so sick. My favorite tracks are Pop Non Stop and Call Bby, which features Chinese rappers Bloodz Boi and Young Peach.


5. Gill Bates

Gill is a friend of mine from Brisbane. He makes really beautiful hip hop/RnB music. He just released Less Stress, More Success EP. My favourite tracks are Didn’t Mind, She Knows (feat. Allday) and IDK (produced by James Angus, (keep an eye on him too).

Mallrat’s debut EP  is out this Friday. Get around it here and check out the lead single ‘Inside Voices’ below

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