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Five Songs That Influenced Golden Vessel’s New Album ‘eee’

On his new album, everythingeverydayeverything, Brisbane/Meanjin artist Golden Vessel collaborates with Mallrat, Emerson Leif, Japanese Wallpaper, FELIVAND and several others. Despite the influx of outside personnel, eee is an intimately personal record for Golden Vessel’s Maxwell Byrne.

“I started everythingeverydayeverything at the start of 2020, and at that time I had started to question a lot of things in my life,” Byrne said in a statement. “I was raised Christian and I regularly attended church, but during that time I’d started this long and difficult process of rethinking what I’d been taught and what I believed. It took about a year for me to go through that process and at the same time I was working on this music, so it really bled into what I was writing about.”

Golden Vessel – ‘pockets full of rocks’

Golden Vessel’s Maxwell Byrne on five songs that influenced ‘eee’

1. Fear Gorta – ‘Unnatural Thing’

My friend Rei So La showed me this song at the end of 2019. It’s completely underrated – has 10k Spotify plays and I’m probably 2000 of them – and is maybe one of the most beautiful songs ever made. Lyrically I felt it captured everything I was hoping to say in my album and the recording is so lovely too.

I actually hit up Fear Gorta after hearing this and he played slide guitar on the first track from the album, ‘funny’

2. Mallrat – ‘Butterfly Blue’

I’m very lucky to have worked with Grace over the last five years. When she showed me this song I teared up. It’s so honest and personal and her songwriting and approach to being an artist has constantly inspired me.

3. Teebs – ‘Atoms Song’

This has been my most listened to song on my Spotify Wrapped the last two years in a row. It’s really calming and beautiful and I’m sure it’s inspired my music sonically. But if not, it has kept me grounded through the process.

4. Alex G – ‘Gretel’

My mind was blown the first time I heard this song. The mix between guitar and electronic production is seamless and his songwriting has been a recent big influence on me.

5. The Nicholas – ‘Addict’

I found this song in 2018 and I decided to hit up Rutger [van Woudenberg, The Nicholas] to do a session when I was over in LA. Since that session we’ve become really close friends and he’s worked heavily on my last two albums. Glad I found that song because it really altered the trajectory of Golden Vessel.

Golden Vessel – ‘so far’ (feat. Felivand)

Golden Vessel’s everythingeverydayeverything is out now.

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