Meet The Bright Young Things

In preparation for Kittens this Saturday April 28, 2012, Music Feeds caught up with one of the featured acts to learn all about The Bright Young Things.

Band Name: The Bright Young Things

Genres: new wave, synth, rock, indie, pop

Band Members: 3

Who Plays What: AJ Dyce – Vocals, Keyboards and Piano; Jon Westenberg – Bass, DJ, Production; Stephen Zrnic – Guitar

Based In: Sydney

Singles Thus Far: Rotations, A Different Kind of Light

Current EP: The Bright Young Things

Upcoming EP: TBA – “We haven’t named it as of yet, but we’re in the process of sorting out tracks and getting it out together; it should be coming sometime towards the end of the year.” – AJ

Label: Soulmate Records – “We’re the only non-hip hop band on the hip hop label.” – AJ

How the Band Formed: – “The band formed probably two years back from now. We weren’t super serious to start with; it was just an e-mail between Jon and myself. Jon was looking for a singer for some 80s demos that he’d come across…and I really liked the sound, so we went from there. Our first band practice wasn’t a band practice, it was just a cup of coffee in a coffee shop listening to demos” – AJ

What does being in an indie band mean to you? – “I just enjoy music and whatever people label it as, I’m very happy they’re bothering to listen to the music itself.” – AJ

Your thoughts on Sydney’s indie music scene? – “I think it’s starting to get a little bit better. I think if the climate keeps continuing to grow and there’s more exposure for local acts as well as bigger acts, I think Australia’s going to hopefully start supporting our artists like their rugby teams. It’d be nice to have that sort of comradery that didn’t even exist I think probably five to ten years ago. It’s starting to get better and it’s an exciting thing to be in.” – AJ

How important are events like Kittens in supporting Sydney’s indie music scene? – “I couldn’t stress enough how important they are. People aren’t going to watch bands they’ve never heard, but people will watch bands that they’ve never heard if they are there as part of an event. I think those sorts of things are very, very good for the music scene. I’m hoping that the night continues strong because we definitely need more indie nights and local nights supporting local acts in Sydney. I think Melbourne has it down pat, but I think Sydney’s still got a long way to go, but it’s definitely the right direction.” – AJ

What can punters expect from The Bright Young Things live? – “They can probably expect a lot of big notes. We’re a very live band and we bring our dance elements into a much more raw setting. I like to think that we have a bit of musical ability, but that’s for you to decide… It’s fun music and we like to play and we like the reaction of an audience member that’s never heard us play before. That’s one of the best things about playing live: playing not only to people that have heard you but people that just stumble across you randomly.” – AJ

Watch: – The Bright Young Things – Rotations

Watch: The Bright Young Things – A Different Kind of Light

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