Music Feeds recently pulled up a pew with front man Rowland Hines.


“Well we originated in Bathurst and Mish is our abbreviation of ‘Mission.’ It all started in high school, with me and a friend Graham. We made a CD called ‘The Romantic Sound of Bullets Kissing.’ Graham went overseas and then I began writing new material so I got together with the other members, Mark Johnston who play drums and Adam Webster on bass and together we formed Mish as it is today.”

“We always wrote really heavy stuff and we never dreamed of being able to play it live in Bathurst because we would not be able to play so loud. We did manage to book a few shows in Bathurst and the crowd responded really well, but the venues did not appreciate the loudness or the heaviness of the band – which to us seemed ridiculous. So we moved to Sydney, which has been a luxury for Mish. We are now able to play live of course thanks to the venues that are on offer in Sydney. It does not matter to us if there is a big crowd, as long as the people in it are responding. Plus to us it is a privilege to be able to play our new material, which is just amazing.”

“The music was mainly written in bedrooms along the way. We have done some home recordings, using samples and riffs and crazy heavy segments and just trying to do our own individual thing, while making our own individual sound to become the Mish that we present today. We are going to release these recordings before we go back into the studio to re-do all our material. We have been in the recording process this whole time and have a lot of songs to filter through and plenty of more stuff to record. At the moment though, we are going to present what we are doing live at the moment and just be selling that cheaply at our gigs.”

Described in a recent review of their Lansdowne gig by Music Feeds as “ loud as they are fast – this is what metal should be. With their incendiary riffs, impeccable timing, inhuman drumming and firm grasp of song structure, these guys blew the socks off the crowd. Throw in their metal/rock cover of Radiohead’s Talk Show Host and what more could you ask for”. You can go and find out exactly what you wont be asking for when Mish play the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown on the 18th of October with T-River, Derkajam And psychadelic rock outfit The Angel Affair. “ Yeah it should be a pretty dark evening” Hines muses.

Mish also play the Lansdowne on the 23rd of October with The Angel Affair.



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