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Music Feeds Faves – 1/05/15

Written by Music Feeds on May 1, 2015

Each week the Music Feeds team pick a favourite new song from the week that was, wrap it in a bunch of words and present it to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Last Dinosaurs – Evie

Brissie indie-rock outfit Last Dinosaurs’ debut release In A Million Years is, for me, one of those inexplicably temporally-tied albums which, without fail, instantly transports me to a certain period of 2012, with a simple listen to Zoom or Andy bringing to mind vivid recollections of a year when some real serious Big Life™ shit went down. Messy, exhilarating, unstable, life-changey bullshit that seemed utterly monumental to a lost 22-year-old idiot.

Cracking the lid off brand newy Evie this morning and, once again, those twinkling, frenetic guitar lines and insuppressible hooks the boys masterful and effortlessly produce, have me all emotional and joyful. Like the moment just before you jump off a huge rock into the ocean for the first time, that guttural, almost nauseating excitement. Yeah, that thing.

The boys will be touring the new single around the country in June before hitting up Splendour. Come dance/emote with me. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

The Helio Sequence – Upward Mobility

The first I heard of The Helio Sequence was their 2012 album Negotiations, which I fell in love with pretty much instantly. The Oregon duo are back with their self-titled sixth (yes, sixth!) album on 15th May (Note to self: Listen to the rest of their back catalogue) and this week saw the release of album cut Upward Mobility.

The Helio Sequence have a knack for gorgeously warm guitar tones and powerful alt-rock choruses, and if Upward Mobility is anything to go by, their next album might just top their last. For fans of Radiohead, Arcade Fire and kick-ass duos. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Ta-ku Ft. JMSN & Sango – Love Again

Perth’s Ta-ku is no doubt a busy man. He’s a producer/DJ/label chief/barbershop proprietor and clearly adept at multitasking ‘cos he’s also about to release a new EP.

First though, the Future Classic star has delivered this stunner of a soulful tune called Love Again, collaborating with Soulection’s Sango on beats and singer/songwriter/producer/fellow-multitasking-champion JMSN – proprietor of those silky vocals. It’s got that twinkling piano, orchestral strings, gospel backing vocals and just buckets of soul.

The song is taken from Ta-ku’s forthcoming EP called Songs To Make Up To which follows his 2013 EP, Songs To Break Up To. Basically, Ta-ku’s got the answers to all our love woes, guys. The EP is due out on June 12th. Have a listen to Love Again below, and make sure to stick around to the end, the outro’s my favourite part. / Nastassia Baroni, Staff Writer

Maribou State Ft. Pedestrian – The Clown

Maribou State’s most recent song The Clown continues the gloomy pathos of their soon to be released debut album, Portraits. Chris Davids and Liam Ivory maintain their signature sound: sonic harmonies that combine the sturdy and stark with the emotive and rich. In The Clown, a beginning piano melody wanders in melancholically, as a percussive-driven groove shuffles underneath it.

Occasional whale-like synths warp the tempo and colourful strings punctuate the smooth almost quiet rhythm. The duo’s regular collaborator Pedestrian, aka Jack Sibley, lends a papery, falsetto voice that echoes through the song’s structure. Imagine James Blake with a thinner, more delicate voice singing on a Jamie XX track. It’s British and it’s beautiful. / Luke Bodley, Presenter

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