Music Feeds Faves – 31/07/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some, often highly legible, words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Husky – Let It Happen (Tame Impala Cover)

After last weekend’s Splendour, where Let It Happen was inarguably the song of the weekend, reverberating around campsites, local lounge rooms and car radios ahead of its spectacular debut at the head of Tame Impala’s scene-stealing Sunday night set, this cover version from hirsute local babes Husky feels thoroughly appropriate.

As my Splendour shaped hangover continues to linger into day 5, Husky’s lilting and tranquil take on the disco-psych-rock anthem, with gentle piano chords replacing the tactile percussion and the signature punch of the guitar line substituted for a drowned out, hazy memory of it, the cover operates for me as a wistful, soothing recollection of Splendour itself.

A ghost of an overwhelmingly gratifying weekend spent amongst glorious sounds and way too many Strummer cocktails, a stained polaroid capturing a moment of sublime happiness you don’t fully remember, an injection of warming joy eternally tied to a series of moments. I love you Husky. I love you Kevin. I love you Splendour. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

Run The Jewels – Meowrly (Meow The Jewels)

So Run The Jewels’ RTJ2 is getting rereleased as Meow The Jewels soon, featuring cat noises and new collaborators, and the first full track from the record is now bouncing through the interwebs.

The feline version of RTJ2’s Early is Meowrly, which sees cat purrs become drones and meows become the icing on top of some cat-friendly beats.

Meow The Jewels, which started as a joke, has quickly become a successful crowdfunding campaign in the name of charity.

Massive Attack are contributing their talents to the project, as are Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, Zola Jesus, Bauuer, Just Blaze, and Dan the Automator. The album is expected to drop in September as a free download, with a limited edition vinyl version also in the works. Until then, let’s wiggle. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer


The Lockhearts – Low

Sydney cult rock act The Lockhearts’ new single, Low, is no common floozy. It’s an elegantly dressed class act that just happens to be wearing metal-studded nipple rings underneath its lace finery, and its alluring riffs and chantable melodies will entice you to the river, drown you in their charms and then scream you back from the fucking dead.

With a haunting music video helmed by award winning director Tanzeal Rahim, the powerful lead track from the band’s double EP Tales From The Sea is like the demigod offspring of the Arctic Monkeys, Aerosmith and Poseidon (probably). / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Big Scary – Organism

There were a lot of choices at the top of my list of faves over the last week or so. Meg Mac returned with another gospel-tinged single that hits you straight in the chest, Ta-Ku beautifully chopped up a remix of Gallant’s Weight In Gold, and Macy freakin Gray wrote a love song to her vibrator and gave it a cute, Dumb Ways To Die-style animated video COMPLETE WITH ADORABLE DANCING SEX TOYS.

But not even the lyric: “He comes in all kind of colours, but you had me at yellow,” managed to sway me away from new Big Scary. Organism is eccentric yet minimalistic, quirky yet groovy, and a total departure from the cinematic sound that guided the duo’s fantastic last album Not Art.

Organism begs for multiple listens because each time you get further entangled in its rhythmic textures as they weave around each other. This is pop music at its most interesting and inventive and the promise of more is the only consolation I can take from the fact that #1 Dads have been “put to rest”, for now. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor

Wave Racer – Flash Drive

It’s 1998 and you’re chilling on your inflatable couch from an Easter show bag and playing Pokemon Red on your Gameboy when suddenly a portal opens up from inside the hefty brick of a device and you’re sucked into the brightly lit maw, landing with a thud in an 8-bit tropical paradise.

What the fuck is that Kramer in an acid-wash t-shirt busting out the Seinfeld bass-line next to a chorus of blood-toothed Furbies alternately chirping and singing like toddlers on Red Bull?

WHAT IS HAPPENING? / Mitch Feltscheer

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