Music Feeds Faves – 6/05/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Charlotte Day Wilson – Work

Despite the fact that Work is all about working hard to succeed, this song is so lazily slow and simple it makes you feel like having a little mid-morning lie down. It’s a beautiful three-chord wonder, stemming from her soul and gospel influences and her multi-instrumental musical upbringing. Hammond organ, breathy BV’s and sparse electro beats leave a hell of a lot of room for CDW’s voice to take centre stage. But this 24-year-old Torontonian has the rare and mighty touch of a well-seasoned jazz vocalist.

She holds right back and makes every heart-felt word count. And to even better news, her EP is finished and is due for release in the near future. If CDW is already producing tunes like this, she’s obviously already done a hell of a lot of work. / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

Thandi Phoenix – Tell Me Where The Lovers Have Gone

Currently receiving some well-deserved attention with a support slot on Rudimental’s Australian tour, Thandi Phoenix is a fresh-faced Sydney producer bringing some much needed new takes to the jam-packed electronic scene. Surrounding the omnipresent synth-focused sound (that every DJ and has dog has been punching out for the last few years) with her own style of RnB/Drum and Bass injected mayhem, Thandi should 100% be on your ones-to-watch list for 2016.

Let new single Tell Me Where The Lovers Have Gone prove it for yourself below. The Rudimental tour kicks off this weekend, grab deets here. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

WEALTH – Light Of My Life

Sometimes (read: all times) Friday afternoons call for Disco. Glitter infested, shirt abandoning, pants-optional, lights-a-luminous, good old fashioned, throw your cares away, pulsating disco. For that friends, Happiness is Wealth – who I’m told are long time friends and collaborators Surahn Sidhu and Omar Varts, but who I choose to believe are actually visitors from the planet Xanadu- are here. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor

Mr Carmack – Champion

Mr Carmack is one of many producers that is often shoehorned as being a guy who makes a very specific type of music. Those who don’t know him all that well could easily make the mistake of putting him in a box with other trap producers, such is a large extent of his hard hitting snare filled catalogue of music.

Champion is a perfect example of just how talented, diverse and exploratory Mr Carmack can be. It’s the first new song he’s uploaded to his Soundcloud after taking everything down a short time ago, and is possibly a sign that he’s intentionally making a new start with this jam; filled with twinkling, glassy effects and synths. Champion is also underpinned by some deeply captivating bass, pulsating like a heartbeat underneath glimpses of percussive build-up that tease and fall away back into the mix. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer 

AVES – Don’t Say

INT. Space ship designed like a 1940s sitting room

JASON SCHWARTZMAN, dressed in a red leotard sits in the control seat. He turns to BILL MURRAY, who is wearing an eye-patch.

JASON: Where to today buddy?

BILL: Who fucking cares man. [He takes a long drag on a space cigarette].

Don’t Say by Aves fades in as the ship flies past Jim Henson-esque alien puppets.

FIN / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

TEES – Got The Feeling

What can be said about Sydney duo TEES that hasn’t already been said about nitrous oxide. Blissful, atmospheric and yet undeniably physical, both are the kind of thing you wish you can have everyday, the upside of TEES being listening to their music won’t induce a massive Vitamin B deficiency that induces paralysis. Well no one has proved that scientifically, but I’m willing to risk it anyway.

Taking influence from 90s house, mainly when it comes to producer Sean Durt’s choice of synths and drum machines, their music wears the influence of deep and progressive house, while reeling in the heady introspection of those traditions with big hooks and sing-a-long choruses. It’s a best of both worlds for those of us bored by repetitive club fare but also a little worn out with in your face hits of that pre-millenium. Expect another video soon too. / Micheal Carr, Staff Writer


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