Music Feeds Faves – 21/10/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them over the last week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

APES – ‘If You Want It’

The resounding response to that song title is YES, we want it. We really, really do.

This long-awaited follow-up to Ballarat-based Apes’ 2013 EP is as soaring and hook-heavy as it is whimsical and uplifting. If You Want It has space and it has texture. It’s refreshing, it’s kinda spritzy somehow, but it’s also massively anthemic. It tugs on your heart tassels and makes you kind of sad while also inspiring Maggie Ziegler-esque dance moves. This song is a beautiful concoction of luscious reverb-heavy guitars, resounding rock drums, and softly sung but powerfully delivered vocals. It’s dreamy, it’s delicate, but it’s also a total banger. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

APES’ debut album is due out early 2017. And, YES. We really, really want that too. / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

Fortunes. – ‘501’s’

Future Classic have been pretty quiet on the signing front this year but they’ve ended their drought getting Melbourne duo Fortunes. to put pen to paper. They’ve delivered their first FC single today, 501’s proving they’re the perfect addition to the ever-clean FC roster.

501’s is a slinky, sensual R&B song that retains flavours of old school soul. So many people try to replicate that R&B sound but it’s just not the same if you can’t replicate the feeling. This one succeeds in doing that and what’s best is they keep their Kiwi/Aussie accents – somethings that’s so often traded for US phrasing. It feels organic and fresh and I can’t wait to see what these guys have up their sleeve next. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

FaltyDL – ‘Whisper Diving’

American electronic musician Andrew Lustman (aka FaltyDL) released his sixth album Heaven Is For Quitters today, and it’s packing a stuttering but still somehow angelic number called Whisper Diving.

The track alone is impressive, but it comes complete with a complex music video which combines drone footage with CGI overlays, creating something which seems like a mix of real life and a video game.

Lust after Lustman’s latest, below. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Slim set – Sideswipe (feat Kimchi Princi)

Slim set are a must listen for any hip hop fans who are eager for local fare that draws on international influences rather than Aussie hip hop. Grime would be the key reference piont for Sideswipe but at the same time reflects a very Australian mind set, much like feature artist Kimchi Princi’s own music. MC Dev’s flow is incredible and the lyrics are drenched in attitude. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys who, for my money, are, along with Kimchi, the most interesting local hip hop artists making music today. / Mikey Carr, Contributor

Woodes – Rise

Melbourne artist Woodes describes Rise as “a story with a beginning, middle and an end”, a story in which she visualises a woman emerging from the water. It’s not a stretch to understand how that imagery permeates this song. Within a few bars, the soft, soulful vocals and gentle clicks draw to mind haunting Sirens, calling you in closer with their sweet, enchanting lullabies. These are Sirens of a much nicer nature than those of Ulysses, though, with Woodes enlisting the talents of a veritable who’s who of Australian music, as her choir. Present on the subtle yet captivating backing vocals includes the likes of Alex Lahey, LANKS, Lupa J, Nirrimi, Abraham Tilbury, Edward Vanzet, Golden Vessel, Tommy Wilson, Juice Webster, Uncle Bobby, Jaysways and Batts – their voices joined together with Woodes to create a song that is at once gentle and empowering. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Two Legs – ‘Quicksand’ Ft Katie and I

London producer Two Legs has just released a brand new EP called Vemod and this track is far and away the standout from it. With a background in instrumental-indie music, Two Legs’ production style is, perhaps inevitably, infused with the structure and style of an indie pop band.

Quicksand is built around an absolutely gorgeous, understated vocal line, and some super dreamy harmonies. But despite the fact that the vocal is clearly front and centre of the track, we are still treated to some awesome counter-melodic lines, and a stack of both synthetic samples and understated but driving percussion. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

Lovely Head – Show Up

If you like HTRK, Lovely Head is for you. Mixing minimal beats and vocals with a pervasive sense of longing, her languorous and hypnotic music is the perfect soundtrack to some slow and heavy intimacy with that special person in your life. Directed by Jaclyn Paterson and Vivian Huynh (Lovely Head herself) the video is a love letter to Cabramatta, where Huynh has been visiting with her mother since she was a young girl. Shining a light on one of the most culturally rich areas of the city, its alternatively bleak and colourful visuals serve as the perfect accompaniment to the stunning song. / Mikey Carr, Contributor

Smoking Martha – ‘Say You’re Mine’

Brissie buzz-magnets Smoking Martha have just pulled the pin on the first musical grenade from their forthcoming debut album. Say You’re Mine is rollicking rock number that smoulders with heat while dripping with cool. Sultry, heartfelt pop melodies shimmer over the pounding kicks and stomping, machine-like guitar riffs. Adding to the intensity, the whole thing has been brought to life via a stylish, stunningly shot video clip.

If you like what you hear, you can catch Smoking Martha touring the East Coast of Australia from now until the end of the year. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Mansionair – ‘Easier’

Sydney trio Mansionair have previewed their forthcoming debut album with this stunning first cut that, after a single, listen prompts endless intrigue as to what the band will be exploring on the impeding record. Easier is, according to the band, “for the times you find yourself staring at the ceiling wondering how you’ll take your next step.” With its relentless, yet flowing beat, subtle yet kind of menacing piano and subsequent Flume-esque synth explosion, the slow-burning song captures the universal frustration of feeling stuck in a loop. It may be Mansionair’s most captivating release yet.

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