Music Feeds Podcast Episode #101: Slaves

Ahead of the prolific Jonny Craig‘s return to Australian shores with new band Slaves, we caught up with the man whose voice has graced some of the most vital post-hardcore releases of the past decade to talk about the upcoming tour and Slaves’ acclaimed debut studio effort, Through Art We Are All Equals.

“I’ve said it a couple times in interviews and stuff that Australia is one of my favourite places to tour,” says Jonny. “Every time I come up I have one of the best experiences and every time is like a new best time. I was stoked to get the offer and it’s gonna be good. I can’t explain how much I love being in Australia.”

When we ask Jonny if he feels that fans have understood Slaves’ debut album, he explains that he’s satisfied with the reception that it’s received. “I feel like if you listen to [the album] once or twice, you get a good grasp of what it is and what it’s about. A lot of the lyrics are pretty straightforward,” he says.

Jonny admits that things were “kind of up in the air” when entering the studio. “I was a little hesitant at first because we didn’t have as much time to work on something as important as my third band. Going into it I was feeling a little rust, a little overwhelmed… but the more I heard the songs, it became easier, and obvious that this was gonna be one of the best things that I have ever worked on,” Jonny explains.

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