Music Feeds Podcast Episode #131: Guy Pearce

Renowned Australian actor Guy Pearce made the decision a few years back to finally reveal his musical talents to the world. This year he unveiled his debut album, Broken Bones. While audiences may have been surprised by what it seemed were Pearce’s hidden musical inclinations, according to the man himself the record has been a […]


Music Feeds Podcast Episode #130: The Rubens

Things have been pretty quiet on The Rubens front for the last few months with the band being bunkered down in New York City, working on the follow-up to their hugely successful self-titled 2012 debut, which frontman Sam Margin says is going very well. Since they started writing the new record more than a year […]


Music Feeds Podcast Episode #129: Angels & Airwaves

Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge, has had his hands full over the last year, creating and curating an intricate multi-media project wrapped around A&A’s forthcoming fifth studio album, The Dream Walker, that also includes an award-winning film and a graphic novel. According to DeLonge it’s an “ambitious” undertaking, but one […]


Music Feeds Podcast Episode #128: 1200 Techniques

1200 Techniques are back together, making new tunes which are sure to reestablish them as one of the leading groups in Aussie hip hop. Vocalist N’fa Forster-Jones, known as Nfamas within 1200 Techniques, recently took some time out to tell Music Feeds why the trio are delving into new music, and what their plans are […]


Music Feeds Podcast Episode #127: XTRMST

Hardcore and straight edge fans, revel in the emergence of XTRMST, the new outfit from AFI vocalist Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget. We spoke to Puget from his home in Los Angeles for the latest episode of Music Feeds Podcast, as XTRMST’s self-titled debut album was about to drop; talking about the outfit’s defeated […]

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