Music Feeds Podcast Episode #109: Gerard Way

After fronting a band like My Chemical Romance, it would be easy to forgive Gerard Way for failing to break free and pursue his own ventures in a convincing manner. But as he tells Music Feeds, with the release of Hesitant Alien, his solo debut, he’s not only broken free, but is already working on new music.

“A lot of this last couple weeks has been revolving around the album, which has been super fun. I’m really focused on the solo project, and I know that I do make other things… but I haven’t been really focused on it. I’ve been making a lot more music, I’ve been writing some new songs,” Gerard explains.

Gerard also says that Australia was high on his list of priorities for this particular album cycle. “I felt the same way about Australia, Japan, England, and Europe,” he tells us. “I felt really strongly about this recording needing to have a different kind of reach, immediately, to kind of go more internationally.”

He also plans on spending some time outside of the festival when he’s here as one of the main draws of Soundwave 2015 next year, saying, “I know that we’re looking into all options, like headlining sideshows or opening up for a sideshows. There’s options there, but definitely gonna be up to something. It’s definitely not just gonna be the Soundwave shows.” According to Gerard, “The plan is to play a bunch.”

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #109: Gerard Way

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