Music Feeds Podcast Episode #110: Ministry

It’s been a long time between drinks for Australia and Ministry, but speaking to the band’s legendary frontman, Al Jourgensen, he still has fond memories of our fair land. With two decades to meditate, our Mike Hohnen asked Al if he’s got a new Aussie bucket list drafted up for the Soundwave 2015 tour.

“No, because I did that the first time,” the industrial icon tells us. “I got my bucket list done all in one Big Day Out in ’95. However, I fell in love with the place so much. We tried to go there in ’96, but my health was not so good and my health is good now and I’m looking really forward to coming back.”

After a whole lot of gushing about our sweeping plains — “I would be more than happy to be a fucking Australian goat farmer for the rest of my life” — we asked Al if it ever gets weird hanging backstage with bands who are Ministry derivatives. “No, we don’t give a fuck, I don’t even know who these bands are,” says Al. “Slaughter of Lambs or whatever… I don’t listen to that kind of stuff. They seem like nice people.”

“We all have the same job to do,” says Al. “The only difficult factor is the fact that they all know who I am and I don’t know a fucking thing about anyone who I’m talking to. I’m like a senile old crazy person they all flock to for advice, and I’m just like, ‘You know what my advice is? Don’t drink wine without a cork.'”

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