Music Feeds Podcast Episode #119: Conditions

Richmond-based alternative rockers Conditions were one of the first bands to be confirmed for Soundwave 2015 after AJ Maddah confirmed that he and the beloved outfit, who announced their dissolution last year, have “a pact” for them to come out for a farewell for the 2015 instalment of his flagship event.

Frontman Brandon Roundtree couldn’t be happier about it, but as he explains to Music Feeds, initially the band thought it was all a bit joke. “The day we broke up we tweeted that we were sorry we have to call it quits,” he explains. “He [AJ] tweeted at us and was like, ‘Hey how about you just take a year off and then come do 2015?’ And we were like, ‘yeah, funny, haha’. We thought it was totally a joke.

“Then when it came time to send offers we got one and a joke turned completely legitimate and now we’re coming.” Having toured with the festival once before, Roundtree says the band are excited to come back and play in front of music-loving Australian crowds.

“We had such a blast last time, you guys made us feel like absolute rock stars out there,” he adds. “We would be so stupid to pass up that opportunity to play out music in front of such great people.”

Conditions will be going their separate ways after the Australian tour, which should include some sidewaves, but Roundtree leaves us with a tiny sliver of hope of something more. “None of us hate each other. We decided to call it quits just because it felt like a natural end to Conditions. It’s an ellipsis, it’s just three dots instead of a period.”

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