Music Feeds Podcast Episode #122: The Ghost Inside

LA melodic hardcore outfit The Ghost Inside are right on the cusp of releasing their fourth studio album Dear Youth — which you can stream right now on Music Feeds — and according to frontman Jonathan Vigil the album takes a frank look at his internal grapple with feeling stagnant and scared with his life’s direction.

“I was getting older but my life hadn’t really progressed at all, other than the band,” says Vigil. “It was hard for me to take a step back from that, and know that I’m gonna be worthwhile after this band, because I felt like I was being used up and this was all I was ever going to be good for.”

“It took me writing a letter to my former self to remind me of that feeling of optimism and excitement and just youthful exuberance. I lost sight of that for a long time and it kind of scared me.”

Vigil says getting these feelings down on paper and immersing himself in the concept of youth helped rekindle his youthful flame and now he’s excited for the world to hear the direction the band have taken.

“I’m excited actually for kids to hear the whole album,” he explains. “We wanted to push ourselves with this record…we didn’t want to keep writing the same record over and over again, we wanted to grow.”

Having recently toured our shores alongside I Killed The Prom Queen, In Hearts Wake, Bury Tomorrow and Hellions, Vigil says The Ghost Inside have tentative plans to return to their favourite touring hub, Australia, sometime in the new year.

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