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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #124: Tkay Maidza

Written by Tom Williams on December 3, 2014

Adelaide rapper Tkay Maidza recently returned from touring the US and the UK, and shared some stories from her travels for the most recent installment of the Music Feeds Podcast.

“[Touring overseas] was way better than I expected,” Tkay said. “It was just cool to watch other acts and see how they go and what it’s like over their, music wise,” she added, before revealing she didn’t have any expectations before taking her music around the world.

Tkay said her club shows in November have had an almost celebratory atmosphere. “All the songs I’ve been playing throughout the year that haven’t been released, people are kinda going to know them now,” She said. “So it’s kind of like a ‘let’s party’ kind of vibe, yeah.”

Having released her debut EP Switch Tape in October, Tkay is now focusing on bigger things for 2015, including an album and even more festival dates, with Australian headline shows in larger local venues. Tkay told Music Feeds that she has been “mentally planning out” her album, which she hopes to release in the third quarter of 2015.

What’s more, she’s got a heap of collaborations in the works, and noted the album will take on a sound similar to her recent single Switch Lanes.

Tkay Maidza will perform at Stranded Festival in November, as well as Falls Festival and Southbound over New Years.

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