Music Feeds Podcast Episode #130: The Rubens

Things have been pretty quiet on The Rubens front for the last few months with the band being bunkered down in New York City, working on the follow-up to their hugely successful self-titled 2012 debut, which frontman Sam Margin says is going very well.

Since they started writing the new record more than a year ago the band have whittled down the track list, spent weeks in Byron Bay working on pre-production and are now on the tail end of their studio jaunt. If all things go to plan, Margin hopes the album will be out in time for Splendour 2015.

“The first half of the year in Australia would be ideal,” he says. “I think people have waited long enough and I think that festival’s sick anyway so it’s always good to have something out, go nuts and get everyone back involved and excited.”

The Rubens enjoyed widespread success with their 2012 debut, which saw the band take on massive national and international tours which Margin says has really affected the way they are approaching the new album.

“An album cycle is usually 2-3 years and so in 2-3 years playing every day you’re going to develop,” he explains. “We turned into a live band, we didn’t really play live much before that first record. Now we’re making these songs have sections we know are going to be fun live, to make our lives more enjoyable. Although we recorded it, we’re going to be on the road for two years so there’s heaps of massive moments and cool things to jam on. Live will be where it’s at I reckon.”

The Rubens will be finishing off the year back home when they play Rotto Live at Perth’s Hotel Rottnest this December and will ring in the new year in Tassie’s Marion Bay at Falls Festival. Check out the full podcast below and listen closely for Sting’s footsteps as he walks by!

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #130: The Rubens

Rotto Live – The Rubens & The Panics

Sunday, 14th December 2014

Hotel Rottnest, Rottnest Island, Perth

Tickets: via Ticketmaster

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