Music Feeds Podcast Episode #85 – Linkin Park

“What do you have to be angry about now?” asks Linkin Park bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell in a mocking tone, quoting the cynics and detractors he’s faced in the lead-up to his band’s anticipated new album The Hunting Party. But as he tells us, life always provides enough fuel for the band’s fire.

Speaking to us from LA, we asked Phoenix if the band made a conscious effort to slowly unveil details about the new album. “In some ways yes, and in some ways no… With Guilty All The Same being the first single, we were kind of thinking of it almost as a preview single, with the intention of giving a cue to the fan base that this record is a bit different to what we’ve been doing recently.”

Phoenix also cleared up some of the misconceptions about the new album, saying, “The record itself is definitely drawing back on earlier influences that were influencing Hybrid Theory, Meteora, the early stuff. I think some people have gotten confused, [they think] this record is like Hybrid Theory.”

“It’s not so much that, but I think it’s more like this is us revisiting what really got us excited to play instruments in the first place. And because of that it does carry that same… it’s got some energy and angst to it and it’s guitar driven and it’s heavy and all that fun stuff.” Check out the full convo below.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #85 – Linkin Park (Dave “Phoenix” Farrell)

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