Music Feeds Podcast Episode #91: Rise Against

According to Rise Against singer Tim McIlrath, after 15 years of writing and touring, the band needed some time off to “get some perspective”. That, he explains in the latest episode of Music Feeds Podcast, is exactly what they’ve done, and on their latest album The Black Market, they’ve come back hungrier than ever.

“We never thought we’d be creating a seventh record this many years later and making a career out of it,” explains McIlrath. “Rise Against traffics in emotion as a full time job. That’s what we do, we write songs and sing songs that talk about angst and anger and sorrow and sadness and all these different things. It’s such a weird endeavour for people to do for 15 years.”

“That kind on where The Black Market came from,” he continues. “We are this marketplace of emotions. That’s what we do, we come to your town and we play shows for you and we take you into these songs which are sometimes dark places. That’s sort of the endeavour of Rise Against, it was something that took this many years to figure out.”

In terms of transporting that marketplace of emotions to Australia, possibly in time for the 2015 Soundwave festival, McIlrath says he can’t talk specifics. He has however coyly promised Aussie Rise Against fans that “[they’ll] see us very soon.”

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #91: Rise Against


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