Music Feeds Podcast Episode #92: 5 Seconds Of Summer

The trajectory to stardom for Sydney pop-punk four-piece 5 Seconds Of Summer has been a little backwards, explains drummer Ashton Irwin. They’ve been smashing international airwaves, touring stadiums and just this week played a gig in New York’s Rockerfeller Plaza that produced a larger turnout than One Direction. All this before actually having released a debut album.

“For the last few years we’ve been playing songs that the only way the fans have known them is if they’ve looked them up on YouTube and watched it live,” explains Ashton in the latest episode of Music Feeds Podcast. “So it’s going to be crazy to have an album and we’ve got all this music out now that the fans can hold in their hands. It’s a really cool thing for us.”

“We’re a little excited, it’s taken two and a half years to write this album so I really hope the fans love it,” he continues. “I just hope they connect with this album because the band’s matured so much over the past three and half years.”

Having already built up a more than solid fanbase and attracted the attention of hitmaking record producer John Feldman (Goldfinger), Irwin explains the band have lofty ambitions about the impact they hope they’ll have with their music.

“It’s hard with guitars to go up on radio against Avicii! There’s a lot of people who just like that these days and they won’t listen to anything else,” he says. “I think there’s space for a band like us. I think it’s time for guitar rock on the radio again. Modernised, too. We’re not trying to live in the ’90s, we want this to be new and fresh and we want it to be interesting to people.”

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #92 – 5 Seconds of Summer (Ashton Irwin)

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