Blessed Are The Obsessed: My City Screams ‘Surroundings’ Review + Interview

My City Screams is certainly not messing around; so many bands in their age group just sit back and wait for the same wave that caught acts such as The Amity Affliction and Dream on Dreamer to catch them also, but not these guys. Dropping their first EP ‘No Mirrors, No Reflections’ in 2010 only a year after their inception, This Sydney based band is keeping the momentum going with their Sophomore EP Surroundings expected to be released very, very shortly.

‘Surroundings’ shows all the growth and progression you’d expect to see in a second release. But what’s much more engaging is the maturity that oozes through each tracks. ‘Surroundings’ contains tasteful theatrics such as the static, glitchy and foreboding intro track ‘Disengage’.

‘Counterparts’ kicks in next with the post-hardcore guitars we all know and love. Though shit soon gets real as the band combines a super chunky breakdown with delicate synth overtones that would make Amity blush. So damn epic. A perfect start to the album as listeners are introduced to both the melodic singer and the screamer who compliment each other very nicely.

My City Screams has taken their song writing to the next level as evident in ‘The Inconsistent’. Showing their technicality as well as their ability as storytellers, My City Screams employed the vocals of Sound of Seasons singer Marcus Bridge. When added to the mix of breakdowns, growls and synth, this collaboration comes together to form potentially the greatest song I’ve ever heard – Easily my favorite on the EP.

Title track ‘Surroundings’ once again drives home the motif of epicness found on the EP. Featuring clean vocals that just seem to swell, atmospheric Synth and an out of control climax where they just seemed to throw in everything they’ve got, including an awesome vocal stutter!

For the finale track, My City Screams teamed up with a very talented female vocalist Amy Applekät for ‘My Last Goodbye’. Yet again another epic tune, the band spends the majority of the track building up to the close capping off the EP in a very professional and stylish manner.

Surroundings…a very aptly named EP. These tunes will surround you, they’ll even probably penetrate you and you probably will like it.

I caught up with Mike, Vocalist and rhythm guitarist to chat about the EP:

Blessed Are The Obsessed: What’s your name and what’s your role in the band?

Michael Rutten: Michael and I’m vocalist and rhythm guitarist

BATO: Really digging your sound, how did it all start?

MR: Kirk, our lead guitarist, and myself have been making music together since high school. We’ve gone through a few different bands and styles together but since My City Screams began around two years ago, we think we’ve finally found a sound we’re really happy with.

BATO: You’re about to drop you’re EP Surroundings, want can you tell us about this one?

MR: Personally, I think our sound has really matured and evolved since our last release, ‘No Mirrors, No Reflections’. It’s heavier; more screaming, more solid breakdowns, with melodic chorus’ and clean vocals that hold it all together. We’ve thrown in some catchy synth parts that contrast well with the heaviness of the overall sound.

BATO: How are the new tracks going down live?

MR: It’s all going down really well. We’ve released a couple of songs from the EP recently and already we’ve noticed people singing along and getting in to it. We were blown away by the response we had at our last show at Hot Damn, had a lot of fun up there.

BATO: What’s been the best part of all of this so far?

MR: Really hard to say! We had so much fun with recording. We worked with Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios – he’s a wizard producer! We’ve been stoked with all the feedback we’ve had from Secured Fate, the single, but nothing can top the live shows.

BATO: Seems like you guys are getting everything ready, is it going to be a big year for MCS?

MR: YES! We’ve all marked this year down to be the one for the band. We want to push My City Screams as hard and as far as it can go.

BATO: You have some awesome collaborations on the EP, who would you love to work with next?

MR: Susan Boyle for sure hahaha. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

BATO: Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

MR: Everyone who comes out to the shows and a bigger shout to the regulars, the guys and girls singing along, waving their lighters in the soft parts, gabbering in the dance parts and throwing down when necessary!

Catch the guys on the massive night – On The Night’s Curse. March 3 at The Gaelic

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