Nantes – The Love Child Of Rock Lobster And Paul Robeson

We wouldn’t blame you if you’d never heard of Nantes before, after all they’ve only actually played one gig so far. Recently picked up by one of Sydney’s best booking agents, they’re a brand new group consisting of members from Jonathan Boulet and Grace Woodroofe’s backing bands and they’re also this week’s feature artist on triple j unearthed.

For their second show ever they’ll be headlining MUM this Friday 22nd July with Deadbeat Band, Our Monk, Sunset Sounds and a bunch of other cool bands so we catch up with Nantes to get the low down on the band.

Music Feeds: Can you describe your sound for us in a few words?

Nantes: The love child of Rock Lobster  & Paul Robeson

MF: How did Nantes come to be?

NS: We met when we were young and grew up exploring sewer pipes and scaling building scaffolding, but we all had an interest in music, often playing together once a weekish or skipping school to fill in for each others’ music assessments (ok maybe some of those times we just left to play Nintendo).  After high school, we all split up and began playing in other bands (Jono Boulet, Grace Woodroofe) & experimenting with different projects, but when it came to our own music we knew who we could call to make it work.

MF: We’ve got your first demo Fly, are there any plans in the near future to release this track or do some more recording?

NS: Yeah, the plan at the moment is to put out an EP late this year, which will feature Fly and 3 other tracks. It’s all fairly experimental at the moment so we’ll see how it ends up

MF: The unearthed artists you’ve said you “like” are pretty damn awesome – Parades, Megastick Fanfare, KYu etc. Have you guys played with any of these bands yet? Who have been some of your favourite bands to play with so far?

NS: Well we met them on the road in our other bands and loved their sound. So far Nantes has only played one show … but hopefully we get a chance to play with them some time

MF: What can audiences expect from your show coming up at MUM?

NS: Audiences can expect a live performance. We’ve only played one show … So we don’t know what to expect

MF: Imagine you could curate your own ATP style festival, where would you hold the festival and who would be on the line up?

NS: Denmark + Beastie Boys!

MF: What is next on the cards for Nantes?

NS: Next is play a bunch of shows, release EP, more shows, hopefully an album and just see where it takes us.

Still not convinced? … Just check out their debut single Fly on Music Feeds

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