NEEDTOBREATHE Take Us Track By Track Through New Album ‘Out of Body’

US rockers NEEDTOBREATHE have just unleashed new studio album ‘Out of Body’, the band’s first album in four years, and, their first release without member Bo Rinehart, who announced his departure in April this year.

Taking on themes of childhood innocence, self-growth, reflection and the freedom of youth, the album was created under a set of daunting circumstances, although that term seems redundant in 2020-adjusted terms.

Recorded against the backdrop of an escalating global pandemic as well as the departure of a core band member, NEEDTOBREATHE set out to make record that proved they still had something to say.

“We went in to make a record without Bo for the very first time, and honestly, we didn’t know how that was going to go. The reason we’re still here is that it went great. It was surprising, it was different, but it was inspiring,” says Bear Rinehart in a statement. “Truthfully, this was a really tough thing to go through as a band, but we’re really excited about this record. I think it has a lot to offer the world right now.”

As a special treat for Music Feeds, NEEDTOBREATHE have taken us through the new album, track by track. Have a read (and a listen) below.

Mercy’s Shore

I wrote this with our good friend and guitar collaborator Tyler Burkum. We tried to encompass the struggle we always find ourselves in.  We are constantly fighting for control that is not ours to have.  The metaphor of the child asleep in the car is my favourite moment on the record. The trust and vulnerability of that moment is where I want to end up. The idea of the mercy shore is about giving way to a power that is much stronger and more important than us. Despite our struggles, we’re all eventually faced with the same understanding that we can’t do it alone.


I love the feeling of running downhill. There is a sort of fear interacting with excitement that forces us to react and not just plan. We are both falling and chasing at once. This song has been around for the longest of any of them, and I’m thankful we finally got it right.

Hang On

Innocence is something that is hard to recapture after it’s gone. It’s like falling in love for the first time with no preconceived thoughts or experiences to base your feelings off of. It feels like nothing else matters and anything is possible. As we grow older, we lose that little by little. This song is a plea to hang on to that feeling of being a fool, releasing control of our inhibitions to find freedom and childlike wonder again.

Survival (feat. Drew & Ellie Holcomb)

We live in crazy times. There are so many things trying to keep us down and attack us from all sides. This is a song about being desperate for saving but also confident that rescue is on the way. It also features some of our best friends, Drew & Ellie Holcomb, who blow the roof off. It’s a gospel-infused rocker and one of our favourites to play.

Child Again

This might be my favourite song on the record. It’s about the story that we all have in common. We grow up and learn to adapt and survive. That part of life is critical, but the tools and armour we build up during that time can also have a negative effect. Sometimes they keep us from being vulnerable and open to receiving love from the people all around us. I think there’s a massive difference in being child-like and childish. I want to be fully engulfed by the wonderment we find in the smallest of things.

Out of Body

This record is about being who we were made to be. I don’t think we were made to be individuals apart from each other and we’re certainly not the sum of our skin and bones. Our experiences inform us, but only define us if we let them.

Who Am I

Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we can have a hard time feeling worthy of love. It might be because of our past mistakes, insecurities, or just the voices in our head that try and tell us we aren’t good enough. This song is about being cherished and accepted even through all of that noise. Even when we are at our worst, we are loved for who we are, scars and all.


‘Banks’ is a song dedicated to our spouses who have supported us from Day One. It is a promise and a reminder that whether we are near or miles apart, our love for them grows and strengthens with every day.

Riding High

This is the band getting back to our roots. We’ve always been influenced by Southern rock ’n’ roll and this is our attempt at doing our part to keep it alive. Raise up your lighters y’all.

Bottom of a Heartbreak

When we go through hard times, it can be hard to know where to go or who to turn to. It can be confusing and sometimes we think we can take on our problems alone. When we are broken and at our lowest, we need help to get up the hill when we can’t make it on our own. This song is about leaning on the people around that love us to help us make it through the wilderness.


This is one of the first songs we had written for this record. We go through so many ups and downs in life and sometimes you just need to know that the people around you are in it for the long haul. With everything going on in the world as we release these songs, it feels like the appropriate way to end the record. We’re all in this together.

‘Out of Body’ is out now.

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