NEW AUS MUSIC PLAYLIST: Our Favourite Tunes Of The Week

Happy Friday and Happy Music Feeds’ New Aus Music Playlist Day! This is where we put all our favourite new Australian music from the week that’s been. Alongside those from weeks prior.

It’s the perfect chance for you to brush up on your local music releases, discover new artists, and support our industry. Grab your headphones, sit down, and chill out while we take you through the must-listens from this week.

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New Aus Music Playlist – 04/06/21

Chet Faker – Feel Good

Genesis Owusu – Same Thing

Mia Wray – Needs

Suburban – Mania, Mania

George Maple – Demise

GENES – Cherry Lips


Lawson Hull – Parking Lot

Taj Ralph – Something From Nothing

NOT A BOYS NAME – Psychopath

Lucy Francesca Dron – Take It From Me

Jenna Kyle – Tell Me

Thandi Phoenix – Overdrive

Masked Wolf – Gravity Glidin

The Murlocs – Bittersweet Demons

Bree Tranter – Keyboards & Conversations

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