PREMIERE: Adelaide’s Tales Go Straight For The Heartstrings On Lush New Single ‘So Blue’

South Australian indie rockers Tales have undergone a metamorphoses of sorts, shedding their previous moniker The Winter Gypsy and today, armed with their new identity, are unveiling a lush new single that we’re stoked to be premiering on Music Feeds.

‘So Blue’ is a slow burning track paced with luxurious string arrangements, gentle horns and floating, delicate vocals. “This track was co-written with our friend Timberwolf (Chris Panousakis),” explains lead vocalist Tushar Singh. “I took the song to him with only the chorus written, and Chris really helped bring the song to life for us. For us it’s essentially about living with free minds and not letting little issues strike us down in times of vulnerability. We worked hard to fuse dark and light sounds into this one, so it lifts you but gives you chills too. The build in this track is so epic, it definitely pulls on the heartstrings for us!”

Both the single and the name change signify a turn for the band, their new identity opening up the floodgates of creativity. “We wanted to change our name for a few reasons – ‘gypsy’ is an outdated term and we want to stay relevant and respectful,” says Singh. “We also felt that being locked down by our name to an indie folk image wasn’t something we wanted in the long term. This release gave us a way to make the change cleanly and we feel very good about it – excited even, for something new and different.”

‘So Blue’ is out this Friday August 24th and the band will launch the single alongside Timberwolf on stage at Adelaide’s Crown And Anchor on September 28th. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘So Blue’ music video too, due to be released soon. Until then, get your swoon on to ‘So Blue’ below.

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