PREMIERE: Benfield Captures The Loneliness Of A Break-Up In Shimmering Alt-Pop With ‘How Can I Forget’

Aussie singer-songwriter Benfield has dropped a visually captivating music video for his emotional new slice of alt-pop, ‘How Can I Forget’.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the simple but powerful clip reflects the feelings of solitude, isolation and stagnation the artist experienced as the result of the unexpected break-up that inspired the song.

“The inspiration for the video clip was to explore how I was feeling when I wrote ‘How Can I Forget’,” Benfield explains.

“The scene is set in a basement garage to represent the feeling of being stuck and lonely how I was feeling when I wrote ‘How Can I Forget’. The spiders represent all the things that, when you are down, seem worse than they are. The leaves fly away representing life moving on around you. Everything reversing at the end shows how even though you feel like you’ve been down for ages, nothing has really changed, directly tuning in with the lyric ‘Tuesday it was long ago, it was yesterday’.”

Guaranteed to hit you in the feels, especially if you’re arachnophobic.

Peep Benfield’s fresh music video for ‘How Can I Forget’ below.

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