PREMIERE: East Denistone Unveils Brooding New Single ‘Amongst Taller Trees’

Sydney artist East Denistone has unveiled his latest track, a broody and striking song dubbed ‘Amongst Taller Trees.’

Replete with crashing percussion, dramatic melodies and other teetering-on-the-edge-of-sinister sonic textures, ‘Amongst Taller Trees’ is reminiscent of the music from fellow brooding artists Radiohead, Muse and The National, with even a Pink Floyd twist.

Recorded last December at Turtlerock Studios in Leichhardt, East Denistone (Marcus Hoon) says ‘Amongst Taller Trees’ deals with questions of artistic creation, growth and worth. “The song’s about my own persistence when it comes to creating not just music, but a music career, all of it underscored by the question of whether or not it’s all worth it,” he explains. “I’d like to think those themes are quite universal.”

While a version of the song had been in his live repertoire for some months before recording it, East Denistone made some stylistic left turns during the recording and pre-production process, imbuing the track with even more texture.

“I’ve had this song brewing for a while – it’s been a part of my live set since I started playing shows back in September,” explains the artist. “It was more or less unchanged up until a fortnight before we were due to go into the studio in early December. Stylistically, you can probably hear a fair bit of ‘OK Computer’ era Radiohead and in some ways those touches have always been there, but a very brief pre-production one on one with the producer [Christopher Raicevich] saw some pretty widespread changes made to almost everything about the song.

“This included a key change, completely new instrumental lines, and some tweaks to the melody. Going into the studio, I only had vague instructions on how the vibe and mix of the song was meant to be which is actually quite a big departure from how I like to operate…I’m usually pretty prudent about every note and every tone that goes into a song before I begin a proper recording session.”

“I will say that the final section of the song is pretty much unchanged from when I first wrote it,” he adds. “That whole outtro has been in my head ever since it was conceived and I was adamant about keeping it how it was.”

East Denistone will launch the single in front of a a hometown crowd in Sydney this March. Details below.

East Denistone ‘Amongst Taller Trees’ Launch Show

Friday, March 29th

Lady Hampshire Chippendale, Sydney

with Pearl The Girl, Megan and The Vegans

Free Entry

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